Kelly was also at Precision Dating these are one in the same, she is an awful lier. BEWARE DONT SPEND YOUR MONEY WITH THIS SERVICE OR THE ONE IN BOCA CALLED GREAT EXPECTATIONS.

Of course Kelly worked there years ago the Precision and now Revolutions...what a joke. i joined because i didn't have time to go out or spend the time on line reading reviews...she "promised" they would screen everyone and only send me "qualified referrals" NOT ONE. I don't have a problem getting a date i needed someone to help find the "right match"

everyone pays according to how much you make i paid 6500.00...i think we should all hire a lawyer and get our money back and shut them down.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I agree with everything you said, can you email me sprng.watson@gmail.com

to Anonymous #1477401

I'll gladly join!


Same experience please contact me michibaza@me.com

to mb18 #1477388

Yep.Horrible.Complete scam.

to Anonymous #1432220

The courts won’t do anything. I was scammed out of $3,000 by Precision Dating (same people- Same scam)

Lower than low people.

Stuart, Florida, United States #1340284

Legal Eagle is nothing more than kelly and her cohorts trying to intimate those that complain.

Stuart, Florida, United States #1340282

So sad because the courts won't do anything.

Stuart, Florida, United States #1340280

The courts do nothing about these *** artists. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!

They will just steal it and then run off with it and start a new company. Very bad people and you have no recourse.

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, United States #1323239

Watch out for this company. DONT TAKE THE BAIT!!! SCAM ALERT!!

Hollywood, Florida, United States #1199758

I have been doing this for a year and still not find the right guy those speed dates make me feel like is almost always the same guys I fell that they do not take care of me or return calls. I'm interested in doing something about this please email me directly Jacqueline.bermudez879jbcb@gmail.com

to Anonymous #1432224

They are the same men. I had a call from a man who told me he was given stacks of women regularly to call and he never paid a dime.

His objective was to keep the women happy and to try to bed them. What a pig. Talk about the #metoo movement, these people are also guilty of mental and monetary abuse.

DO NOT BELIEVE one word from them. STAY AWAY.

to Beau 211 #1477394

Nothing by thieves

to Anonymous #1472501

They are a large scam


I agree. I paid $7,000 last August, 2015 and as of now, June, 2016 have not been on 1 date!!

They stopped sending me prospects after just a few months.

I've consulted an attorney and want to try to get some of that money refunded. This scam is literally ROBBERY!

Don't be fooled. Kelly is an amazing scam artist.

Watch out.

I'm in favor of class action suit.


to Anonymous #1472502

Contact an attorney for for a free 1 hour consult they all do it over $7000 is outside of small claims and falls in the guidelines of fraud did you have a contract with them ?


To Legal Eagle:

Can't speak about others complaints but mine is 100% legitimate. I've lost $7,000 and haven't had one lousy date since I joined in August 2015.

It is a scam and a *** shame that people such as myself who are on social security who scrounge up that amount of money in the hopes of meeting someone nice only to have it line Kelly's pockets without delivering the goods...not even one date!

Promised the moon and was given nothing.

Beyond upset and would get a lawyer if I could afford one.

to Anonymous #1432235

Don’t waste your money on a lawyer. The courts will do nothing! Shame on them all

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, United States #1126114

Count me in. I've been cheated out of $7,000!

Haven't had one date in 8 months. Was promised everything I asked for.



I spent $7,000!!!! on this and have been a member for 8 months and have not had 1 date!

Kelly is a master manipulator and salesman and I feel that a class action lawsuit is a good idea.

Don't know about you but I can't afford to flush $7,000 down the toilet which is what I did.

I truly am sick about it.

to Anonymous #1432236

The courts do nothing — a lawyer is a waste of money. They should all be ashamed, including the judges who won’t accept the fact that it is a scam

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